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Provider of high quality, premium forged parts delivered on time.

Pacific Forge has decades of proven success as a reliable, responsible, supply chain partner.
Helping you build a quality product that withstands the rigorous demands of performing in the following markets: Aerospace, Marine, Alternative Energy, Transportation

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Unsurpassed Customer Service

Here at Pacific Forge, we strive for excellence in all we do. Our top priority is our customers' complete product satisfaction. When a customer comes to us with a need, we take care of them quickly and with meticulous care for product Integrity.

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Absolute Best Quality

The Pacific Forge process is established to eliminate flaws and create only the highest quality products. Our engineers use proven technology to triple check for accuracy and solve any issues before a part is produced. We are proud to be a safety first company.

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Customized Product Development

Everything we do is custom ordered, created, and manufactured. We will help you produce your product with our engineering and CAD capabilities. Whatever you need, our highly skilled engineers can create it.

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We strive to perform at the highest levels, for ourselves and for our customers and communities.


We are responsible for our work, to our team, and for contributing to the success of our company.

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